Information for Student Web Accounts

Welcome to the start page for new web accounts on This page provides you with general information about your account and can help you to develop your web site. Please read this document for Ryerson specific setup options.

Accessing your Account:

Web Account Structure:

When creating your web site there are a few points to keep in mind. Your web account has a directory called public_html where all files to be used on your web pages should be placed. The first file you need to create is the index.html file. This is also the file you are currently viewing on your new account. The index.html is the default page displayed in a directory. When creating a new directory make sure to create an index.html. If you delete the index.html all your files will be listed when the directory is accessed by a web browser.

If you want to keep this document for future reference, you should rename this file before you upload a new index.html. A copy of this information is also available on the CCS Web Site.

Ryerson Links to Get Started:

Academic Computing Users Guide - Additional infomation about your STW account and Web Authoring.

Ryerson's Web Policy - Ryerson Web Standards and Online Style Guide.