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Exam Bank

If you are in need of any midterm/final exams or have any available, please email us at our email addresses above. We are compiling a listing of exams that are available to ISA members only. Stay tuned to this page!

Learning Resources

a. Essay and Writing Skills

Includes areas such as methods of organizing essays, forming sentences containing transitions, strategies for revising/proofreading an essay, writing lab reports and apa format. For more details:


b. Study Skills and Strategies

Includes areas such as effective notetaking, active listening through lectures, studying for quantitative courses, understanding your learning style, transition to university learning For more details:


c. Test Preparation and Strategies

Areas include preparing for multiple choice exams, managing exam anxiety, reviewing graded exams, how to organize for final exams and using questions to test your understanding. For more details:


d. Group Learning, Projects and Presentations

Includes areas such as strategies for working in study groups, surviving group projects, strategies for resolving conflicts in group projects, how to prepare for and give an oral presentation. For more details:


e. Time and Self Management

Includes areas such as time management guide, term planner worksheet, weekly planner worksheet, maintaining motivation, dealing with procrastination, how to succeed in graduate school For more details:


f. Grammar Workbook

Areas include understanding sentence structure, working with sentences, relative clauses and other grammar areas. For more details: