About Us

We are a group of about 50 Ryerson students, community members, Toronto residents, and artists who are at the forefront of fostering the local Ryerson-Toronto music community. We host events, socials, and initiatives to help create community for anyone who likes or plays music (which is basically everybody!)


About the Event

  • What is Musicians@Ryerson’s 7th Annual Battle of the Band?
  • Musicians@Ryerson’s 7th Annual Battle of the Bands is one of Ryerson’s largest concerts! Battle of the Bands aims to help up-and-coming Ryerson and local bands grow musically, provides a space for everyone to experience incredible live music, and to bring a diverse group of people together to celebrate the art of music. We promise it will be a night to remember!
  • How does this event work?
  • Six bands are chosen to perform in front of a screaming/dancing crowd and a panel of judges (comprised of industry professionals and community members). The winning band will claim the title and the grand prize.
  • Who can attend this event?
  • This event is all-ages and is open to everybody, including Ryerson and non-Ryerson students!
  • Where is this event held?
  • We are very excited to host our event at the historic former Maple Leaf Gardens (now called the Ryerson Mattamy Athletic Centre). The former Maple Leaf Gardens was home to the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team and hosted many legendary events, such as: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Mötley Crüe and many more. We are so excited to have our bands play in the same venue that these amazing artists did not long ago.
  • When is this event?
  • Friday, March 29th, 2019
  • How many people are going to attend this event?
  • Last year we had more than 550 people, this year we are predicting about 750!
  • Is this event fun?
  • This event is so much fun and everybody who attends has a great time! Check out what people were saying about last year’s event (disclaimer: this year is going to be better)
  • Where can I buy tickets?
  • Hit that “buy tickets” button above!


  • Who can audition for this event?
  • Any band that has at least two members and has at least one Ryerson member. If you are not sure, just apply anyways!
  • How do I audition?
  • Press that big “Audition” button at the top of this page and follow through to provide us some contact info and your tunes. Make sure to put all of your submission files on a Google Drive and link Music@ryerson.ca to it.
  • What should I submit for my audition?
  • As much as you can to show our Evaluation Team that you are a good fit for this event! At the very least, we need a live recording (can be shot on your phone at a rehearsal), but try to give as much as you can. That can include: as many live recordings as you have, as many recordings as you have, links to social media pages, links to articles written about your band, and so on.
  • How will the Evaluation Team evaluate the bands?
  • Our Evaluation Team will be considering the following: stage presence, skill level, band chemistry, mastery of instruments, ability to get the crowd going

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Email: music@ryerson.ca