November, 2010


Long time. How are things?

Checking in to let you know that Weekend Pictures is still alive (thanks to Ryerson's servers) and that I do plan on updating the platform with more content soonish. Until then, although News Corp has put MySpace on notice and Twitter is not mentioned at all, I still feel these videos stand the test of time.

For the latest on Sass, go here: http://joeyng.com/society-girl-porn

For the latest on Jeff go here: http://jeffharris.org/

For the latest on danah go here: http://www.danah.org/

For the latest on Henry go here: http://www.henryjenkins.org/

For the latest on Greg go here: http://twitter.com/greg_elmer

For the latest on Raymi, watch the following video that I shot and edited and then go to http://raymitheminx.com




April, 2009


Back from MIT.

You know when people say "that's a tough act to follow"? Well, I followed two excellent acts at MiT6. The first being the nicest grad student I've ever met and the lead on this project. The next, a researcher who has books in the MIT Press bookstore on Main Street.

People laughed and I talked really fast during my presentation, so, things pretty much went as planned.

A young man I met at the closing caviar and sushi reception was nice enough to inform me that the tweeting during my talk was active and supportive.



Hi again,

Writing to advise that one of the Weekend Pictures videos, Charles the Cat, received an Honorable Mention at the TVO Allan King Film Festival.

Posted-above is the video as featured on TVO's site. It's the same apart from a title, end credit, and a TVO bug in the corner.





No dice on the SXSW Web Award but I still had a blast in Austin.

PBS kindly interviewed me about this site and you can watch it here:


Up next is MiT6. More info here.



Hey again,

Excited to head to SXSW tomorrow.

I'll be twittering from my mobile (a first for me) during the festival here.

CBC Radio in Canada mentioned Weekend Pictures on their radio show "Q" last month. You can listen to the podcast here. Discussion about this site starts around the 57 minute mark. Thanks again to Mio Adilman for his support of this project.




Hey there,

Thanks again for visiting Weekend Pictures. The site has recently been nominated for Best Student Website at the 12th Annual SXSW Web Awards. Cool, eh?

As part of the nomination, the site is also eligible for the People's Choice Award. You can vote online once a day until March 6, 2009 here.




The goal of this project is to assist creators of user-generated content to prudently maximize their use of the internet as a creative outlet. Specifically, Weekend Pictures is here to provide insight into the ways in which the sharing of photos, videos, rants, romances, banana bread recipes and the like via a networked online environment impacts privacy. While we're at it, we'll also explore what we even mean these days when we speak of privacy, where that increasingly blurred line between public and private can be found, whose responsibility is it to be worrying (or not) about the culling and commodification of personal information, and how concerns over the control of our digital data doubles extends beyond embarrassing party snaps.

In the spirit of user-generated content, this site is chock full of video interviews on the topic of user-generated content and privacy conducted with academics, students, bloggers, journalists, Facebookers, lawyers, and others between May and July, 2008 in the Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston, in addition to a pair of trips south to Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States.

Oh, this project is also the major media project associated with my MA graduate studies in Media Production at Ryerson University.


Steven James May


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